Thursday 16th Jun
An Overdue Decision

Maybe I’ll loose a ton of followers for this but who cares. Basically, I’ve decided to make my tumblr a lot more personal. I mean, it is a blog after all, and I want to. And sure a lot of the pictures I post reflect my mood or have some association with what I’m thinking, but it isn’t as satisfying as actually writing a bit every now and again. Maybe daily or every few days I’ll just post something short if I feel the need.

I’ve also noticed that I often tend to post photos that I just casually “like”, and they’re the ones that are just ok. So I’ve decided to try as much as possible to only reblog things I really really like, the rest I will just stick to liking. Every time I see a rose, a skull, kate bush, tarot cards, hitchcock, helena bonham carter, and a heap of other things, I just go reblog mad. And I still will. But try to only post the really nice stuff, which I have been trying to make an effort to do. I need to revise more, and reblogging everything is so distracting! No excuses Alice…

Thursday 16th June at 11:44pm

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