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OH MY GOD, my hairdryer does that too!

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hmmmm, I’ve been thinking about this loads today (it was a particularly Marina-y day) and there’s a lyric from ‘girls’ that goes ‘making money off other people’s insecurities and doubt’ as in condoning it, when really that’s what advertising makeup products does. and so I’ve decided I really don’t like the idea of it. 

her songs are about self-power, not that she needs help gaining power from looking good (though let’s be honest, she’s totally gorgeous.) but the point stands that makeup advertising sells the idea that girls need this makeup to be beautiful. it also sells the idea that girls need to look like Marina to be beautiful, which on face-value is such a big break for her, but does not promote individuality at all.

this is a completely pointless ramble, I just wanted to get it out of my head.

I agree with your first point the “making money off other people’s insecurities and doubt”, however I think Marina of all people is aware of this, and so overall I disagree. I would much rather have someone like Marina with her opinions behind this brand rather than some washed out celeb. I think she is trying to promote self empowerment, just in a rather unconventional way. I think she wants to try and make makeup more of a fun thing (she says she’ll be promoting bright colours and experimenting rather than some flawless foundation) and so hence maybe lighten the pressure? I would hope anyway.

She herself says she’s a very contradicting person, as all humans are. But I think she’s thought about it.

From her Blog:



Make up is one of the tools of my trade. I will ALWAYS favour and support nature and natural beauty in place of cosmetic and synthetic beauty. But it would be more hypocritical of me to condemn it and refuse to support make up when it is one of the tools of my trade. It is something I use every day, in my music videos, photoshoots, live shows (UV) and TVs.

There are many (mainly feminist) grounds on which we can base a debate about this on. And i will in due course. It’s a grey area for many women and something I am constantly interested and challenged by, to be honest.

But if tomorrow i were to say ” I am the new face of a colourful new range of Casio keyboards” no one would be taking the old cynical “endorsment deal ahoy” attitude. But the reality is that both musical instruments and make-up are tools of my trade and parts of who I am and what I have build. Im sure half of you on here were drawn to me not just because of my music but for my music videos, art work and photography.

I believe that as long as what you are endorsing is something that you are in genuine support of/ like, you are free to represent who you want. my fans dont and will never know what I have refused/ what i am bound to refuse in the future re endorsments, support tours, collaborations etc. If I were to be led “astray”, I would have done so by now. Just know that i have a head on my shoulders. I am a hyper aware individual and think over things carefully and deeply.

And re animal testing, maxfactor have used ingredients that were previously tested on animals in the past- just as mac, who are against animal testing do- but do not test on animals now.

I hope she’s made the right decisions, not supporting it would make her more a hypocrite. I’m actually quite excited to see her in the campaign, gives me hope some of us “outsiders” are on the “inside” now :) xx

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This is the another cover for The Family Jewels

It’s a very beautiful cover I almost prefer it, but then, it’s a bit more traditional a cover, I think her other choice suits the final outcome and style.
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Best gif ever made?
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